Have kid, will write about her.

  • Parents like me who blog and write about their kids might be doing them a disservice when it comes to protecting their privacy. I wrote an article for about the potential dangers of ‘over-sharenting’.
  • Give a parent like me some inspection data and you’ll never hear the end of it. I wrote a blog post for the New York Times’ Motherlode blog about the tension between inspection findings versus gut instinct when choosing a daycare for my daughter.
  • It gets blazingly hot in Texas and being stuck at home with a toddler is no fun. I tried my luck at an art gallery with mixed success, then described my findings in the Austin-American Statesman.
  • Admit it: there exist some phrases that you just hate. I could go on all day about the words, phrases and euphemisms that make me feel sick (like “we’re trying” – ugh!). I wrote a guest post for Mommabethyname with a shortlist of my most despised sayings.
  • Before I started writing about reproductive justice, I blogged about being a mother. I keep threatening to start blogging again. But just in case I don’t, here are a few of my favorite posts (um, still working on that …)

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